Foodiie Packaging & Branding

Packaging and branding design for Foodiie, a home cooking retail brand.

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Simpkin Burley designed a new identity and packaging design for Foodiie. We positioned Foodiie as a friendly looking brand that would attract the target audience of high-end, food lovers. Then, we created a new logo that uses a heart motif within the design to represent a promise of care for both customers and also for the environment. The same heart icon was also used as an aperture to showcase the product on the retail packaging.

All materials are made from sustainable products. This includes the ‘plastic’ bag that contains all the spices, which is made from wood pulp. The packaging is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Foodiie Spice Kits are now stocked in high-end delicatessens. Retail sales have increased since the launch of the new brand and packaging design.

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