New brands and evolutions of existing brands all need to be considered carefully. We’ve put together some of our top tips for beginning a brand strategy project.

Brand Strategy – What You Need to Know

Simpkin Burley collaborated with co-working space, Works Social, to hold a new #DesignersClub event for the design community in Nottingham. The first event centred around a poster design competition. Winning entries were posted on the Works Social wall of fame.

New DesignersClub Event for Nottingham
Wayfinding Methodology

We believe that wayfinding isn’t just an important service that we provide. Over years in the design industry it has led us to work in a specific way and had a profound effect on our process. We discuss our thoughts on how wayfinding can be a methodology for graphic design and communication.

Wayfinding as a Methodology for Design
City Branding Logos

Much like business brands, successful destination branding design is the promise of a set of values, which aim to make a location desirable. The brief could be to attract tourists, present a certain lifestyle or activity, or to encourage people to live somewhere.

Successful Destination Branding Design
Simpkin Burley at Big House EXPO

Simpkin Burley were delighted to attend the Big House EXPO event, held at in St Mary’s Church in The Lace Market in Nottingham on September 10th.

The Creative Quarter event, was a wonderful opportunity to meet people in the creative community, as well as potential clients and collaborators from around the East Midlands.

Simpkin Burley Attends Big House EXPO Event in Nottingham
Sustainable Packaging Design

How can we improve sustainability in the graphic design industry and minimise the effects their work has on the environment in the future?

Sustainability and Graphic Design
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